One day in January, 2009, our daycare called me at work to let me know that our then 5-year old daughter, Alayna, was running a fever. The low-grade fever continued over the next several days. That Friday, we brought her to our family doctor who thought that maybe she had a virus and instructed us to get a urine sample from her. The following  day,  unable  to  get  the sample, I brought

her back in. I just knew something was very wrong. Again, we were told maybe she had roseola, but if no rash appeared by the next day, we were to bring her for blood work.

The next morning she still had the fever so my husband brought her to our local hospital for blood work. He was only home for a few minutes before our family doctor was on the phone... Alayna's lab work showed leukemia and we were to go to our local ER.

Once we arrived at our local ER, Alayna was immediately transferred to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.
As soon as we met Dr. Doug Harrison in the Hasbro ER, I knew Alayna was in the right place. We were admitted and Dr. Harrison confirmed that Alayna had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She remained in-patient for the first month for intensive chemotherapy, bone marrow biopsies and numerous spinal taps. It was on the second day of this hospitalization that we were introduced to the wonderful people at The Tomorrow Fund. They have supported us in numerous ways and for that we will forever be thankful.
We are currently one year into Alayna's two-year chemotherapy protocol and she is doing well. She is not as strong or as fast as her classmates and she misses a lot of school, but she is ALIVE and that is the most important thing.