I have learned in my life that even the worst storms can produce beautiful rainbows. Our storm began on May 27, 2008 when our daughter Caitlynn, who was five years old, was diagnosed with Pre B Cell ALL Leukemia (High Risk). Caitlynn was always a very healthy child up 'til that Memorial Day Weekend. She was very tired, running a sporadic fever, and had unexplainable bruising on various parts of her body.
We visited our pediatrician on that Tuesday morning and were sent immediately to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Within a couple of hours, we where thrown into an incomprehensible journey.  We  were  told  that  our daughter had Leukemia and

needed to start treatment right away because she was so sick. Also, to be prepared to be inpatient for at least 25 days!
Our heads were spinning as we fought to come to grips with all of the information and deal with the situation at hand. We were so unprepared. We could not fathom how we could get through the next month, let alone the next 2 ½ years of intense treatment. We had to consider all of the time in the hospital, how to care for our other daughter who was 3 at the time, and the incredible expense of it all.
Then, in a wonderful ray of light showing through the clouds, we were introduced to The Tomorrow Fund. A Parent Consultant visited us in Caitlynn’s room explaining exactly what The Tomorrow Fund was and that they would help us through it all. We were given a parking pass to cover our parking expenses and $20 a day stipend for every day that Caitlynn was hospitalized. They helped us navigate through all of the paperwork and benefits available to us. At that moment, we knew we could make it through whatever was ahead of us. We had faith and a wonderful new friendship with The Tomorrow Fund.
I am happy to say the 2 ½ years have passed and our daughter has completed treatment and is Cancer Free. I could never express all that The Tomorrow Fund has done for us. They have done so many things, from help in the beginning, to family picnics, Camp Dotty, and most notably, the amazing Clinic (The Edwin Forman Tomorrow Fund Clinic) where Caitlynn received most of her treatment and will continue to be checked.
It is no coincidence that the logo for The Tomorrow Fund is full of rainbow colors. They are like a rainbow to all of the families of children undergoing Cancer Treatment at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. We simply cannot imagine the last 2 ½ years without The Tomorrow Fund. We will forever support them and they will always be our family!