1. What We Do
Clinic Support

Children with cancer spend an enormous amount of time in The Tomorrow Fund Clinic being poked and prodded, receiving treatment transfusions, undergoing medical procedures and enduring rigorous testing. During a typical two-year course of treatment, children and their families will find themselves in the Clinic for appointments that last anywhere from 30 minutes to six hours. To create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, The Tomorrow Fund provides computers, audio equipment, play stations, snacks and drinks, movies, an interpreter and a child life specialist who creates distraction therapy to help the children pass the time more relaxed and less stressed.
In addition to the support of the physical space, The Tomorrow Fund supports the Clinic in many ways, including but not limited to:
Salary Support
     • Social Workers
     • Parent Consultants
     • Child Life Specialist
     • Data Management Coordinator
     • Clinic Interpreter
Grant Support
     • An ongoing financial support pledge for the 2009 relocation and renovation of
       The Tomorrow Fund Clinic
     • Department of Psychiatry – Psychosocial counseling for patients and families
     • Museum on Rounds – Art Program
     • Video cameras
     • Computers
     • Exam room computers
     • Wheel chairs
     • Band-Aids
     • Stickers
     • Snacks
     • Medical and psycho-social counseling in Hasbro’s Pediatric Hematology | Oncology Department