1. What We Do
Emotional Support

In most cases, when a child has cancer, one parent must quit or take a leave of absence from their job in order to care for their sick child. Medical expenses not covered by insurance can be enormous. Out-of-pocket costs, such as childcare for siblings, hospital meals, and travel expenses during out-of-state treatment are exorbitant. When coupled with reduced income, these expenses can be devastating. The Tomorrow Fund helps ease financial burdens by providing:
     • Daily stipends whenever a child is hospitalized overnight at Hasbro Children's Hospital ($15 daily).
     • Hasbro Children's Hospital parking passes for each family to use throughout the entire length
       of treatment.

     • Assistance with home expenses - rent/mortgage, utilites, etc.
       siblings and cancer survivors.

     • Co-payments for medical services, including chemotherapy, not covered by health care providers.

     • Emergency financial support including out of state medical consultations and air travel.
     • Daily Travel Stipends when children must leave the state for bone marrow transplants/procedures
        ($50 daily).
     • A funeral fund for children who lose their battle with cancer and whose families cannot afford
       these expenses.
     • Dino Germani Scholarship Fund, created
        by a Tomorrow Fundfriend and benefactor,
        to provide scholarships to Tomorrow Fund
        college-bound teens. More than 100 scholarships
        have been give in the last 10 years.

Childhood cancer causes serious emotional stress and anxiety for patients, parents, siblings, and extended family members. Emotional support is critical to help the sick child and the family as they face these tremendous challenges. The Tomorrow Fund provides funding for:
     • A Child Life Specialist in The Tomorrow Fund Clinic who plans, organizes, and directs
       age-appropriate therapeutic play to alleviate anxiety and stress associated with illness
       and hospitalization.
     • Additional psychotherapy, as needed, through the Rhode Island Hospital Department of Psychiatry.
     • Support groups for parents (Coping and Bereavement), patients (School-Age/Teens/Young Adults),
       siblings, and cancer survivors.
     • Pediatric oncology Social Workers who meet with each child and family to determine financial
       and emotional needs.
     • Camp Dotty – a week long summer day camp for 4 to 7-year-old patients and siblings.

2014 Dino Germani
Scholarship Winners