Our son, Matthew Beaudry, Jr. is a very happy 6 year old with a very extensive medical history. Our lives were shattered on Sept. 1, 2007 when Matthew, at 7½ months old, was rushed to Hasbro Children’s Hospital ICU with massive intracranial pressure. He was immediately sent for an MRI and within 45 minutes we found out he had a very large brain tumor. Within 3 days, he had brain surgery to remove the tumor. When the surgery was over our worst nightmare was realized, the tumor was cancerous.

This  was  the  first  time  we  were  introduced  to  The Tomorrow  Fund. Our  social  worker, Stephanie, explained how The Tomorrow Fund could help us. As both my husband and I needed to be at the hospital with our son, my husband eventually lost his job. The Tomorrow Fund was there assisting with paying our bills, rent, electric and gas. Also, while our son was inpatient, The Tomorrow Fund provided us with a daily cash stipend which we used for food, coffee and gas for our vehicles.
Matthew’s treatment consisted of 6 months of intense chemotherapy and 3 stem cell transplants. During that time, we received a great deal of help from The Tomorrow Fund. I don't know what we would have done if it wasn't for them.
After Matthew’s initial treatments, life settled down a bit as Matthew continued to go for routine checkups every 3 months. My husband and I were now employed full time and Matthew was attending pre-school. For 2 ½ years, life was finally getting as normal as it could.
In April of 2011, our world was torn apart again when Matthew’s doctor informed us Matthew’s cancerous brain tumor was back. We were told since Matthew was older (4 years of age) and his body was much stronger, his treatments were going to be much more aggressive.  Once again, The Tomorrow Fund was there to help us. They provided us with gas cards, Wal-Mart cards, and assisted with helping to pay our rent, gas and electric bills. They were always there for us.
The Tomorrow Fund has helped us through so much; to this day I really don't know what would have happened to us if we didn't have this wonderful organization to help us. They have made so many things possible for my family. My husband and I truly thank them from the bottom of our hearts for doing what they do.

Matthew is currently done with treatment, but he has PT and OT 3 days a week and he also has many other appointments due to post treatment side effects.  He started kindergarten this year! Life is far from normal, but we are slowly getting there. Every day is a blessing with Matthew!