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Board of Directors

Lisa Abbenante

Vice President
Robert Markarian

Jamie Messier

Daniel Belhumeur
Robert Capone
Anjulika Chawla, MD
Kathy Clarkin
Edwin N. Forman, MD
Paula Kershaw
Edward Lake
Karin Marzilli
Mary McGinn
Ralph Palumbo
Rachel Rogovin
John Tkach


Executive Director
Barbara Ducharme

Development Director
Kathleen Connolly





The Tomorrow Fund was founded in 1985 to ease the traumatic financial and emotional effects of childhood cancer. Our founders - a group that included doctors, child life specialists, and parents of children with cancer - recognized that, in addition to the very best medical care, children with cancer and their families need financial and emotional assistance to cope with the overwhelming challenges of this insidious disease.

At the time of our founding, children with cancer at Rhode Island Hospital shared space with adult oncology patients. The dream of having a local oncology clinic dedicated solely to the treatment of children became a reality with the opening of The Tomorrow Fund Clinic at Hasbro Children's Hospital in 1995. Led by Dr. Cindyt Schwartz, Director of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, the Clinic is widely recognized for its outstanding medical treatment and its compassionate approach to children and their families.

Today, more than 90% of children with cancer in Rhode Island, nearby Massachusetts, and Connecticut are treated in The Tomorrow Fund Clinic.

At The Tomorrow Fund, we fulfill our mission through three major programs:

• Direct financial and emotional assistance to families and children in treatment
• Support for The Tomorrow Fund Clinic
• Outreach to inform the community about the effects of childhood cancer