I felt positive at the time of my diagnosis and I don’t think I really grasped at first what was being thrown my way.  I was in the hospital for 7 months, which included all of the treatment.
There were many people who stuck out during my treatment that stuck out by my side.  My biggest supporter, my MOM!! My family, especially my cousin Kim. My two doctors, Bradley Denardo and Daniel Callaway. As well as my pain doctors, Tara Brown and Angie Anderson. My social worker, Sarah, who sadly isn’t there anymore. Kerri, my lovely massage therapist who turned into a big sister to me. As well as the nurses on Hasbro 5 and in clinic - I don’t know what I would have done without them by my side. Kristin from Child Life as well was a big supporter of mine. I do, with that I would have been able to leave my room more and walk around more but being neutropenic limited time outside my room..
I dealt with my cancer with positivity, crafts, watching sports, coloring, bonding with the staff and mentoring younger cancer patients..

Today, I am in college, working towards my nursing degree.

​"Today, I am
in college,
working towards
nursing degree."
Advice for others:

Being a survivor doesn’t mean I’ve won a battle;  being a survivor means that you are now done with one step in the process; you still are going through the process of what cancer does to your life and body.

My future as a survivor is to stay strong and keep positive. The Biggest obstacle a survivor faces every day is the thing that chemo did to your body and struggling through, but getting through, it.  I would tell someone just diagnosed that the nurses are key and that positivity, no matter how hard, is going to help you through the journey. And to find someone who has gone through it to talk to and lean on.. to understand the things you are going through will help immensely.