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We can't say how kids with cancer will grow up...

we just want to make sure they do!


The Tomorrow Fund was founded in 1985 to ease the traumatic financial and emotional stress of childhood cancer. Our founders – a group that included medical personnel and parents of children with cancer–recognized that, in addition to the very best medical care, children with cancer and their families need financial and emotional assistance to cope with the overwhelming challenges of this insidious disease.

At the time of our founding, children with cancer at Rhode Island Hospital shared space with adult oncology patients. The dream of having a local oncology clinic dedicated solely to the treatment of children became a reality with the opening of The Tomorrow Fund Clinic at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in 1995. The Clinic is widely recognized for its outstanding medical treatment and its compassionate approach to children and their families.


The Tomorrow Fund provides daily financial and emotional support to children with cancer and their families. Kids treated in the Pediatric Oncology Program and The Tomorrow Fund Clinic at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island receive our support.  These vital programs are made available to our patients and families from the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment, into recovery and beyond. We rely solely on donations to fund our programs. Even a small monetary contribution can make a difference for tomorrow!

The Tomorrow Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit that does not receive funding from Lifespan or Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Supporting Children with Cancer


The Tomorrow Fund Clinic is a state-of-the-art medical facility in Providence, Rhode Island that is recognized for the high quality of its medical services and noted for its compassionate commitment to children and their families. Through the support of The Tomorrow Fund, a team of pediatric oncology experts, including Physicians, Nurses, Clinical Social Workers, a Child Life Specialist, an Interpreter and a Parent Consultant, provide comprehensive programs and services to meet both the medical and psychosocial needs of children and families.


Once treatment begins, children with cancer face ongoing transitions from induction to maintenance, from one protocol to the next and from active treatment to survivorship. Transition happens every day and yet, we are not always prepared for the next step. Throughout all of these transitions, The Tomorrow Fund continuously provides education and programs to support the child and the family. Make a donation to support these efforts today for a brighter tomorrow!


Families of children with cancer often incur enormous financial burdens. The loss of income, the costs of meals, babysitting and transportation to the hospital often break family budgets while their child is facing a life threatening illness.


We anticipate the needs of our families, providing the resources and programs that bring a degree of normalcy to life during a battle for life itself. Family financial support may cover household expenses such as rent, mortgage, utility payments, medical bills and other essentials.  The Tomorrow Fund also provides paid parking passes for families for the duration of their child's treatment. Help with this valuable financial support by making a donation here.


The Tomorrow Fund provides daily monetary stipends (allowances) for all children who are admitted to Hasbro Children's Hospital overnight as well as travel stipends (allowances) for patients traveling out of state for bone marrow transplant or medical treatment not available in Rhode Island.


The Tomorrow Fund sponsors two camps for patients and their siblings with NO COST to families: Camp Dotty (ages 4-7) and Camp Tomorrow (ages 8-11). These day camps provide the opportunity for children to experience fun, age-appropriate activities while ensuring health care and safety needs are met. Child Life Services oversees all activities and supervises volunteer counselors all of whom receive special training.

The Tomorrow Fund supports Day Camps
The Tomorrow Fund supports Camp Dotty


The Tomorrow Fund offers multiple social events to help alleviate the stress of having a child with cancer. Some events include Sibling Day, Parents Time Out, National Cancer Survivors Day, Scholarships, Camps, Remembrance Night and Ambassador recognition in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month at the Rhode Island State House.


When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it impacts not only the child, but also their family and community. Speakers from The Tomorrow Fund provide presentations and educational seminars for parents, siblings, schools and civic organizations regarding childhood cancer. Additionally, our "Kids for Kids" program invites schools and youth organizations to join us in raising awareness to help children with cancer.


The Tomorrow Fund supports patients beyond their cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Surviving cancer impacts a person's social, emotional and physical well-being. Cancer survivors are often faced with issues related to their treatments years after treatment has ended. Cardiac issues, memory and processing issues, organ damage, bone loss and fertility challenges are but a few of the many common long term effects that can be both costly and emotionally draining.


Cancer is an insidious disease. Although recent statistics show dramatic improvements in treatment and remission, some children do not survive their battle with cancer. The Tomorrow Fund has a Funeral Fund to help families with burial related expenses during this very difficult time. The Tomorrow Fund sponsors a bereavement aftercare program that is facilitated by Clinical Social Workers and includes a monthly support group for bereaved parents.

Help make a tomorrow, Donate today.

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